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Home Remedies for Winter Constipation


Many of us have gas problems in winter. Also, many people face another problem. That is constipation. If we want to escape from the grip of constipation, we have to follow some rules. Let’s not know what steps can be taken to get rid of constipation.

So everyone needs to be aware of winter food. In winter less water is consumed than required. There are many problems from there.

What to do to reduce constipation in winter:

Ishabgul Bhusi: You can eat Ishabgul Bhus at any time of the day It can be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed at night. You can soak it in water and eat isabgul bran with a little sugar or candy. You can also eat it with milk.

Khai: You can eat khai for breakfast or at night. Milk can be eaten with khai or tokadai. As it contains a lot of fiber, it helps in cleansing the stomach. The probiotics in tocai also help in digestion. When digestion is good, the problem of constipation decreases.

Water:Adequate amount of water should be consumed even in winter. At the beginning of the day, eat lemon mixed with warm water. You will also benefit from this. Walk regularly with that. To make up for the lack of water in the body, you can eat liquid foods such as soup.

Coffee:  Black coffee without sugar works very well for constipation.

Cardamom: Soak a large cardamom in a cup of hot milk overnight. Wake up in the morning and crush this cardamom and eat it with milk. If you can eat cardamom milk in this way in the morning and at night, you will get quick relief from the problem of severe constipation. Sleeping on the left side also reduces the problem of constipation.

Eat fiber: If you have constipation, you can eat ripe papaya and apple every day. Can also eat plenty of vegetables, pulses. Avoid foods made with oil spices.

Adequate sleep:Adequate sleep is needed to clean the stomach. Many problems are solved only when sleep is good. And in winter, you should not sit idly by and walk. Go to bed at least two hours after eating at night. Then digestion will be better.