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How to Put a Own Watermark in CapCut? – Have the Credit of the video


The CapCut app has become a very useful tool to edit our content in a creative and original way, and being able to share them on different social platforms without others taking it away from you without giving you due credit for the design. Precisely to give it that personal touch, CapCut allows you to add a watermark.

If you’ve never tried it before, now is a good time to start using this great app. In this article we show you how to personalize your posts by putting a watermark with the CapCut App, so we suggest you continue reading.

What can you put as a watermark inside CapCut?

So that others do not take over your content, personalize it with this App by putting a watermark on it. with this tool you can put a watermark on your contentregardless of its size, because CapCut allows you to edit the videos by adjusting the dimensions without resorting to other applications.

What are the steps to add a watermark in CapCut?

To add a watermark in CapCut it is essential to carry out a series of steps, but don’t worry, because they are very easy to execute. Furthermore, the results are surprising. The first thing is to download the application if you do not have it yet from the Play Store and then implement the following steps:

video editing with capcut

Add an overlay to a new project

To start the procedure, you must enter the CapCut application, and then click on New project or you can also choose one you have already created. Click on the Overlay button and choose the Add Overlay option. This would be the first step.

Add what you want as a watermark

After the Overlay, you must select the image that you will put as a watermark. Although the App has watermarks that you can use, it is convenient to do it in our style so that it is a personalized brand and you can edit with CapCut like a professional.

Edit the watermark and the duration of it in the video

For editing you must touch Remove background to clean the image, using the Mask alternative. Then click on the Circle option to delimit the image, adjust the size and place it where you want the watermark to be. And you must modify the duration of this in the video, which can cover some parts of it.

What additional things can you do to your watermark with CapCut?

So that you can increase the quality of the video when editing it with CapCut, and make it look better, you can add effects to the watermark. For example, the animation effect, which we will explain to you right away.

capcut video editor

Animate your watermark

To do this you must enter CapCut, edit a new project, click on Overlay, put the image and edit it. Later, click on the Image option and choose the Animation alternative. And finally, you select between the various effects that the application shows, in this way to be able to add an effect. As you can see, it is very easy.

Once the animation is selected, the final step is to click on Export your project as video, by touching the icon represented by the arrow pointing upwards. Immediately, it will be saved in the gallery of your device, ready to upload to your social networks.

Why doesn’t my video watermark appear in CapCut?

You can notice the watermark after having exported the video, this process can be a bit slow, so you will not see it right away. But if even after exporting the video it does not appear, you must restart your device, enter the capcut application and re-add the watermark following the steps that we have mentioned.

How to remove watermark with CapCut?

If after having added a watermark to your project you decide to remove it, because you regretted it or you did not like the final result. Then you must do the following: Enter CapCut, then locate the video where you added the watermark. Subsequently, you go to Settings and select Place default ending and remove the watermark.