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Mishu Sabbir in trouble with his old girlfriend!


Mishu Sabbir is a familiar face on the small screen. He has gained popularity by acting in multiple plays. He is currently working on several solo plays. In the meantime, it is being heard that the actor is in trouble with his old girlfriend. Not in reality, on screen.

Mishu Sabbir has acted in a new play titled ‘X Versus Present’. Mumtahina Toya has acted opposite him in this. It is directed by Mohan Ahmed and written by Golam Sarwar Anik.

As can be seen in the story, there was a breakup with the lover Tire a few days ago. Mishu Sabbir does not want to have a relationship with him for various reasons. In the meantime, he has also got a new girlfriend. Walking around with him, spending time in the restaurant. But Mishu is not leaving Sabbir behind. Wherever Mishu is with her lover, Toya appears in a new dress. Sometimes a restaurant owner, sometimes a shop sales girl or sometimes a police officer. Appearing in front of Mishu in various forms, he is throwing her in an embarrassing situation.

Mishu also left his new girlfriend due to the tire. Toya is not upset even if he is angry about this. He continues his work. Mishu Sabbir is restless in one incident after another. That’s how the story goes.

The play ‘X Versus Present’ is scheduled to be aired on Maasranga Television on Friday (November 26) at 9 pm. This is known from the program department of the television.