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The road guide wall was tilted before the inauguration


The road’s guide wall was tilted before the inauguration at Gazaria in Munshiganj. About 200 yards of newly constructed road protection guide wall adjacent to Srinagar Bailey Bridge in Bhaberchar Union has collapsed as work on upgrading and widening the ongoing Gazaria-Munshiganj highway has not been completed. The possibility of this guide wall collapsing at any time caused dissatisfaction in the minds of the people. The stability of the road is also at risk as part of the guide wall of the road under construction at a cost of around Rs 100 crore has been tilted towards the surrounding canal. The locals claim that this condition is due to negligence and defects in the construction work. 

On the spot on Tuesday (November 24) morning, it was seen that part of the guide wall built to protect the road beside the canal adjacent to Srinagar Bailey Bridge was tilted. Even cracks have appeared between the road and the guide wall. According to the locals, the cracks and the guide wall have been falling since last Monday. The retaining wall of the road is still under construction and if the guide wall is in this condition then the whole guide wall will actually collapse on a rainy day. Work on the guide wall began at the beginning of the rainy season last year. But this condition of the guide wall does not go around for years. 

They also said that it is uncertain whether the road constructed at a cost of hundreds of crores of rupees will be completed within the stipulated time. In the meantime, part of the guide wall built to protect the road has been tilted. It is doubtful how sustainable the guide wall will be in the future. 

Gazaria Upazila Nirbahi Officer Hasan Saadi said, “We came to know about the matter on Tuesday.” The concerned higher authorities have been informed. The issue will be raised at the development coordination meeting.   

Narayanganj Roads and Highways Department Executive Engineer. Zahirul Islam said, I have been informed about the matter. We will take necessary steps in this regard soon.

The Narayanganj Roads Department is implementing the project under the Roads and Urban Development Department to widen and improve the quality of this important road. 12.60 km road will be upgraded and widened. The cost has been set at Tk 80.56 crore. The work is expected to be completed by December 31, 2020. According to the information provided by Masood Hi-Tech Engineering Contractor, the guide wall is 1510 meters long, 2 meters wide, 3 meters high and 10 inches thick RCC molding (above) and 14 inches thickness RCC welding (bottom) and 2 feet depth.